Profit Potential Calculator

How does a 10% improvement in each
area of your business affect your bottom line?

Leads from Existing/Previous Customers  
Leads from New Customers  
Total Leads
Conversion Rate (Leads to Paying Customers) %
Number of Customers
Average Dollar Sale  $
Total Revenues
Gross Profit Percentage %
Gross Profit
Fixed/Overhead Costs   $
Net Income
Dollar Increase in Net Income
Percentage Increase in Net Income

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The Impel Group program takes a comprehensive look at your manufacturing business. Unlike other advisors that are specialized in a specific area (marketing, sales, etc.) we review the entire manufacturing business from top to bottom to find improvements to accomplish your goals. Together we will work towards your goals, not ours. Similar to the manufacturing process there are many inputs that contribute to the outcome so you cannot focus on just one area and expect the overall results you want.


Is your target market well defined and delivering a consistent message in everything you do, every time? Are leads tracked and do you know what is happening with each one?

Sales and Customer Service

Do you have a selling process and is everyone utilizing it? What are you doing to address issues, exceed expectations and create return customers or referrals?


Do you have an idea of where your manufacturing company is headed financially? Do you have access to capital when you need it because lending institutions can see the success of your manufacturing business through the financial picture you are able to paint?


Are the manufacturing business’ goals congruent with your personal goals? Do you have a long term focus that is bigger than just “SURVIVAL”? What differentiates you from your manufacturing competitors?


How are you inspiring EVERYONE to work towards the corporate goals? How much time do you spend each week working on the business and not in it? Are you doing what you like to do and do well?


How do you find, keep and reward good employees? How do you encourage them to work towards a common goal?


Can you easily sell your manufacturing company and get top dollar for it? Are requirements of each person in the manufacturing company communicated so you can leave for extended periods of time? Can your manufacturing business grow with minimal stress? Is there a process for identifying problems before they happen?

The Impel Group Program Overview

  • One hour phone conversations 3-4 times a month
  • Impel Binder which provides an overview of strategies we use during sessions
  • Tools to use between sessions to IMPEL growth
  • Ongoing phone and email support