Frequently Asked Questions

What does the program cost?

The cost of a business coach should be viewed as an investment rather than a cost. For that fact it would be a great start to a relationship if we looked at the ROI (return on investment). The Impel Group will not begin a relationship where we both cannot envision a second year pretax return of 3 times the investment. In certain situations, for example, selling your manufacturing company will result in a much higher return

How can The Impel Group help with ownership transfer?

Owners often believe that the manufacturing business could not be successful without them being present. If this is the case what is the manufacturing company truly worth? Most likely if you were not around the manufacturing business would be sold only for the assets. People that buy manufacturing businesses want to buy just that - a manufacturing business - not a JOB. Even if you are transitioning the manufacturing business to a younger generation, why not set them up to be able to grow the company rather than just try to survive. We can help set in place the procedures, tools and systems to achieve higher valuations and prepare the next owner for success.

Am I committed to a long term commitment?

There is no magic wand. The process takes time and energy on both of our behalves so most engagements are at least 12 months in length. We understand that things come up so clients are welcome to stop and start as they need. Also if either party feels as though a satisfactory return is not achievable then we can stop the engagement, no questions asked, and NO CANCELLATION costs.

How do I start with The Impel Group?

First off we are excited to hear from you so please just send us a note. At that point we will send you a tool, the Business Effectiveness Evaluator, which takes less than 30 minutes to fill out. After we receive the form back we will respond with the results and we will suggest a time to talk more about your manufacturing business. During that conversation we will determine if the business meets the program requirements and we can move forward. At the very least you will have the results from the Business Effectiveness Evaluator and the information can help to initiate changes.

How do I know The Impel Group is the right group for me?

It is important that it is a good fit for both of us. The Impel Group is not right for everyone one and that is why we have established the program requirements (3x ROI, Desire to change, and good FIT). We derive our success from your success so we take an equally close look that we can meet each other’s’ needs. Helping others is our only focus so if for some reason we are not able to work together we will help introduce you to someone that can. That is our commitment.

How is business coaching different from consultants?

There are many options out there to support you but the biggest difference between others and us is that we work together to come up systems and tools that work for your specific needs. We don’t try to put your manufacturing business is some standard box. Also we not only work to come up with the concepts but we don’t consider our job done until your goals are met. Coaching has a singular focus ACTION, not planning to act.

What type of businesses and industries do you focus on?

The tools, systems and procedures can be utilized within any company but we have seen the highest results with companies in the manufacturing industry.

Is there a guarantee?

The Impel Group offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If after 30 days we do not feel like the results we both desire will be able to be achieved we will cancel the engagement and we will return your money.

What is required of me?

Time and commitment. Time to focus on your manufacturing business, not in it. It addition to working on day to day challenges we are going to work on long term strategies, tools and systems which is going to require work outside what you do now. Don’t worry, we will find ways to do this without making your day longer. If you want the same results keep doing the same thing. Certain things are going to be more challenging than others so a commitment to achieve your goals is paramount. Everyone adjusts to change at their own pace so we will work at your pace.

What does a session look like?

Jointly we will come up with a time that works well for you and that will be our standing appointment each week. I will give you a call at the number you designate and we will go from there. It is important that you “turn off” all other distractions such as email and phones. Success requires time and focus.