About Us

About Us

Purpose: To help customers, coworkers
and vendors be successful.

A recent study by the National Federation of Independent Businesses found that 70% of small business owners turn to spouses or family members for the majority of their business advice - and we know that most small businesses eventually fail!

Who is your trusted advisor? Who helps you identify and achieve your goals? The Impel Group is going work with YOU to develop a roadmap to achieve YOUR goals, not ours. Once we have defined where you want to be we are going to be your partner in getting there. We will accomplish this by ACTION, TOOLS and ON-GOING SUPPORT.

After owning two businesses in the manufacturing industry and struggling to get the support needed it was apparent that others were in the same situation. The Impel Group’s singular focus is to help great manufacturing companies be their best and achieve their goals.

The Impel Group has many strategies at its disposal to help implement long last change. Everything we do is to help MAKE IT EASY. Too often people complicate things and we understand you are looking to improve your manufacturing business not make it more complicated. Do not confuse this with simple; everything we do it easy in the sense it is achievable if you put the work in.

About UsOur business coaches are certified and we are part of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance which is a private group of business coaches that are able to utilize each other’s unique experiences to help clients achieve their goals.

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