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im•pel\ im-’pel\ verb

  1. Drive or urge (someone) to do something.
  2. Drive forward; propel: "vital energies impel him in unforeseen directions".

The Impel Group is a certified Business Coaching Firm specializing in the manufacturing industry. We are neither a training nor a consulting firm. Often we are referred to as a manufacturing company mentor or coach. We provide ongoing support, dialogue and tools to address the manufacturing company in the areas of: strategy, marketing, sales, finance, operations, customer service, people, systems, and leadership.

The Impel Group believes that the manufacturing company owner’s personal development and business operations are interdependent. Combining these elements with ongoing development and reinforcement ensures long lasting fruitful change. Typically, owner and coach will meet three - four times per month in order to review strategy, planning, skills application, change implementation and measurement.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Struggling to find good customers
  • No one is willing to pay a good price for your manufacturing business
  • You want higher profit margins but face constant pricing pressure
  • Tough finding trustworthy, engaged employees and getting tougher
  • Recently turned down for a loan
  • Not able to leave the manufacturing business for a vacation
  • Looking to increase customer retention
  • New competitor in your market
  • Assets that are not producing desired returns
  • The business is growing but not seeing an increase in money at the end of the month
  • Too busy putting out fires, reworking and fixing every day
  • Challenged with the NEXT STEPS and progress seems like a DREAM
  • Want more TIME to spend on the things you want
  • Spending too much time IN the manufacturing business and not ON it

If 3 or more of the above situations sound like challenges you are struggling with, you are not alone. These are all common frustrations and anxieties of other manufacturing companies. We can help. The Impel Group has proven programs that can help overcome these and other obstacles.